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Forum & Function

The primary goal of this project is to explore the dynamic relationship between form and function. Students were assigned the task of transforming an existing bridge into a movable structure that would have a 30' x 40' opening.

Span Prototypes

        The 3 types of Bridges I though of using to make my final design. The first one is the Quebec Bridge in Canada which is a combination of a cantilever and truss bridge. The second one is a Truss Bridge. And lastly the third The Sydney Harbour Bridge which is a Arch Bridge.


Movement Analogies

             My 3 objects to incorporate with the 3 Bridges chosen are a Car jack, watermelon scooper and a eyelash curler.

Combination Table

      The point of the Combination Table is to get a better idea on where I think my object would fit best for the type of open bridge movement I would like.

combination table.png

Front Elevation- Closed

Front Elevation- Opened

 Car Jack Movement 




Final Design

          For my final design, I used the Quebec Bridge. The task was particularly intriguing due to the various structural considerations. After careful consideration, I found an efficient solution by employing a car jack. This car jack was utilized to raise the required 30-foot section of the bridge. I incorporated pulleys and an additional jack at the far end of the Quebec Bridge, enabling the 30-foot portion to elevate and move towards the far-end car jack which would create the necessary height for the 30x40 opening, effectively making the opening.

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